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New Zealand lacks a robust set of tools to measure biodiversity outcomes that: 1) tell us the truth 2) are appropriate for all skill-levels from conservation volunteers to scientists (i.e. the science meeting the market). Advanced statistical techniques were developed to handle data-poor fauna monitoring datasets, but the advanced statistics remain beyond the abilities of the community and citizen scientists. Yet, applied field tools (traps & retreats) for the monitoring of fauna...

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EcoGecko Consultants

EcoGecko Consultants

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Bio EcoGecko Consultants are New Zealand's lizard & frog experts, and is the only company in NZ to specialise in herpetology. At EcoGecko, we have a team of six expert herpetologists across New Zealand. We work with DOC, Councils and many community groups in delivering lizard monitoring programmes informing of population status and management outcomes. We also undertake volunteer management of community-driven lizard surveys and monitoring activities.

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