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Our innovative programme is all about getting children motivated to love NZ wildlife – and then start trapping animal pests to protect it. We want to inspire the next generation (and their families) to care enough to take action. We want to create thinking scientists and active trappers amongst these young people. The Forest Bridge Trust’s pilot schools programme has now reached the stage where we have a well-designed class based programme. ‘ CatchIT Schools’  is curriculum linked,...

The Forest Bridge Trust
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The Forest Bridge Trust

The Forest Bridge Trust

North Auckland, New Zealand

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Bio Farmer-initiated and farmer-led, the Trust’s vision is to create a protected forest bridge from the Kaipara Harbour to the Omaha Estuary on the Pacific coast. It seeks to support all land owners in the area with the ongoing restoration of their native forests and wildlife, and to protect their rivers, streams and wetlands. Effective pest management in this area will then allow native wildlife to flourish. Involving the community is an essential part of this project.

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