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The prospect of a predator-free New Zealand will remain a dream until we have another generation of trap technology able to remain active in the field for long periods of time. Aerial and ground predator control is expensive and very labour-intensive. While “knock-down” operations can reduce predator numbers rapidly, the long term eradication of predators (especially in remote areas) requires a different approach to today’s trap technologies. What if there was a self-resetting possum...

John Hart
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John Hart

John Hart

Masterton, New Zealand

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Bio I am an organic sheep and beef farmer in New Zealand's beautiful Wairarapa region. My passion for sustainable farming and community-driven ecology has involved me in many interesting projects: from urban stream restoration to UAV river surveys. My first career was in the tech industry and now I look for ways to make farming smarter and more sustainable through the application of appropriate technology solutions. Through more than twenty years in the farming and technology industries I have developed a range of engineering, design and manufacturing skills.

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