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Children are the future volunteers: Our PROJECT is to deliver a game where you can be part of NZ Rodent Caching via an APP called ‘ PF2050 Caching’.   This can provide a platform for access to Research and Development on existing pest control projects shared on a national basis, increase awareness and gather additional information. The APP and Data base are in place, tested and ready to roll out with a national wide network of 99.9% coverage in NZ, that includes APP 24/7...

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Heiko Kaiser

Heiko Kaiser

Rotorua, New Zealand

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Bio As the founder and owner of ALPECO, Heiko Kaiser has a solid background of more than 25 years experience in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Initially trained as a butcher and chef in Germany, he worked for a brewery for several years before immigrating to New Zealand in 1999. Over the next 11 years, Heiko managed a number of eco-hospitality businesses throughout New Zealand. Over the years, he has had to deal with pest control issues from a customer's point of view. He started to look for environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional pest control methods. Sadly, the only treatments offered in New Zealand involved extensive use of chemicals and toxins. However, he discovered a wide range of alternative solutions were available abroad… … inspiration for him to found a new company and bring these methods to New Zealand! Today, ALPECO not only brings these world-proven technologies to New Zealand, but has also developed its own range of non-toxic solutions, some of which are now exported overseas. Drawing from his experience in high-end tourism, Heiko has implemented a Non-Toxic Standard specifically for use within the hospitality industry. Heiko would love the opportunity to work with you. Heiko Kaiser Managing Director ALPECO LTD

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