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I have made a submission for funding to collect, grow and propagate the native forget-me-nots Myosotis spp. Of 54 species world wide, 34 occur in New Zealand.  At least two are extinct ( M.laingii and traversii var cinerascens )and a new species (not yet named) was found in December 2016. Seven are known to be critical, five endangered and one vulnerable. Their fruit is a valuable food source for lizards and birds, especially in alpine  areas as most grow in very exposed sites (rock, talus,...

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Diana Ranger

Diana Ranger

Wellington, New Zealand

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Bio Graduated B.Sc. form Victoria University in Zoology and Botany with an honours course in Pedology then a B.B.S (research methods in business) from Massey University in 1989. I have spent a lifetime hiking (tramping) in New Zealand back country, forests and mountains (and an ex-member of the New Zealand Alpine Club).I have collected a private herbarium ( to Kew standards) of 100 native plants comprising Fungi through Cryptonemiales, Psilotales, Lycopodales, Filicales,monocotyledons, dicotyledons and algae from about 40 different ecosystems throughout New Zealand. I live on a property in pre-European bush (sub-tropical rain forest) and am been growing small plants, grasses and shrubs to complement the ecosystem with them. I belong to and participate in the Zealandia Sanctuary to Sea Kaiwharawhara Restoration Project, Otari-Wilton;s Bush Trust, The Grow Te Ahumairangi Forest as well as having an (unpaid) contract with Wellington City Council for the care and protection (and weeding) of the Gloucester Street Reserve in Wilton. I was responsible for the establishment of the Waikanae Estuary Scientific ,Reserve in the 1970,s.

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