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A military quality FLIR system with the ability to detect invasive species and assist removal of target species without limitations to topography or vegetation. Also monitor endangered species like bats and Takahe. We have a goal to restore balance in the native ecosystems. Video link

Jordan Munn
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Jordan Munn

Jordan Munn

Upper Hutt, New Zealand

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Bio I have been a keen hunter from a young age then was employed as a possum trapper at the age of 16, now 25 i am the director of a conservation based company with several employees. I have a passion for the outdoors, hunting and our Native Flora and Fauna. Our Company "Trap and Trigger" has undertaken over 100 invasive species removal programs and has already contributed 1000s of hours to Conservation. I love making a difference in re-balancing our ecosystems and hope to leave a legacy in conservation.

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