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A new design from an old concept . We took an idea of a snare which has been used successfully for centuries and given it a modern trigger system plus a host of new ideas to get around problems encountered with other similar traps

Neil Foster
by Neil Foster
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Neil Foster

Neil Foster

Gisborne, New Zealand

Joined this community on Oct 8, 2017

Bio My working career began as a Wildlife service trainee in 1969. I returned to my family Beekeeping business after a few years and combined this with Possum trapping and venison recovery. Since then I became became a professional photographer . Im now retired which means I still work but do not get paid. I run a predator trapping program at a wetland near Tologa Bay on my own in initiative as I noticed Spotless Crake, Bittern and Dabchick while photographing there. After a life time of envolvement with wildlife I am painfully aware that an unbalanced trapping regime, thats is trapping only some of the predatory mammals introduced into NZ results in a worse condition for our birds. Removal of Rats, Stoats for example also removed Freal Cat food resources with dire results for local birdlife. Therefor I have developed a Trap aimed primarily at Cats but can be species targeted by bait choice. I have tried all the other traps used for cats and found them lacking hence my design which eliminates the problems Ive found with other designs.

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