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    Microfibres are a major concern for New Zealand’s marine life and all of the world’s oceans. Microfibres are particles of plastic smaller than 5mm that are shed from our clothes when we wash them. The problem is washing machines and our wastewater treatment plants are only catching 60-90% of the fibres, meaning the particles that are not filtered end up in our rivers, lakes and eventually the ocean. How big is the problem exactly? Reseach found a single piece of synthetic...

Jeremy Stead
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Jeremy Stead

Jeremy Stead

Nelson, New Zealand

Joined this community on Sep 4, 2017

Bio Lover of the ocean and all its inhabitants. Keen diver and freediver. Looking to protect and restore our oceans for future generations. In the process of designing a filter to collect microfibres on the outlet of a washing machine.

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