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The kakapo population suffers from poor genetic-diversity, but using Crispr/Cas genome editing it is now possible to re-introduce 'dead DNA' from museum specimens of more genetically unique kakapo back into the current population to enhance their genetic diversity and chance at long-time survival. This strategy is already being used on the black-footed ferret population, highlighting its feasibility. 

Maggie Evans
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Maggie Evans

Maggie Evans

Lake Hawea, New Zealand

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Bio I'm a neurobiology postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Otago investigating the neuroendocrine integration of metabolic and reproductive function as well as appetitive behaviour. Outside of the lab, I have a keen interest in wildlife conservation and absolutely love the outdoors. After spending time on Whenua Hou as a volunteer with the Kakapo Recovery Programme, I learned a lot about the current problems the kakapo and other endangered avifauna face, and became particularly interested in finding ways of incorporating new 'de-extinction' technologies into New Zealand's conservation toolkit to give all the endangered species a better chance at long-term survival.

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