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My solution to protecting the environment is design new laws called Fiduciary Legislation. These laws will bound all political and judicial leadership to a clear set of duty of care obligations. Government is a trust structure owned by the citizens and its management are politicians and judges whose power has been conferred to them with an expectation that our elected leadership will do the right thing.  Political leadership is in a vortex of conflicting interests. Destructive executive...

Christopher Wingate
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Christopher Wingate

Christopher Wingate

Rotorua, New Zealand

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Bio I grew up in the 60's & 70's on the edge of the native bush of Mt Ngongataha where I heard the sounds of the birds. Years later whenever I returned to sleep up there overnight I realised many of those bird calls were gone. Lost to possums, cats and Department of Conservation poison baits. As a businessman I've come to understand the responsibility of protecting our native fauna and wildlife begins with effective government leadership. Sadly the management of our nation has been caught up with politics and struggles for power and position and among that political leadership has ignored their duty of care and their fiduciary responsibilities. And so to best explain by background I would simply say a lifetime of witnessing wonderful potential being destroyed by unaccountable idiots in power.

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