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One of the biggest challenges to make Aotearoa pest free by 2050 may not be fences or fancy lures … but Facebook. If this ambitious “ moon landing ” mission is to succeed we need to get Kiwis onboard; w e need engagement best practice as much as trapping best practice. 1. The idea: create a digital comms tool-kit for NZ community groups to maximise the opportunity provided by social media: inspire, bond and activate. Based on the comms recipe of the Polhill Project –  be neighbourly...

Paul Ward
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Paul Ward
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Show that NZ's rarest birds can thrive with people in urban Wellington. 'Polhill Protectors' is a community project looking after the birds'n'bush in Polhill Reserve. What makes Polhill unique? It's an unfenced rare bird sanctuary in Welly’s backyard: 5min from downtown Willis St; home to tieke, hihi, kaka, tui, kakariki, robin, whitehead+. It's also one of WCC's most used parks: 1000s of bikers, runners, ramblers and twitchers use it weekly. It is the first place that tieke have bred in...

Paul Ward
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Paul Ward

Paul Ward

Wellington, New Zealand

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Bio Polhill Protector, father, screenwriter, editor for NZ On Screen, grey ghost hunter.

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