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Gathering votes
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Predator Proof Bird Nest boxes

To protect our native birds while nesting prior to predator free 2050.

Protection of the eggs, chicks and females

What conservation problem are you trying to solve?

Protect and enhance our native bird numbers , by predator proofing the nests ,before we achieve predator free 2050

How are you going to solve this conservation problem?

By using predator proof research ideas, using actual nest boxes the breeders use for our native birds and consulting with bird experts we are designing and creating predator proof bird nest boxes. 

We have already designed and made predator proof nest boxes for Riflemen, Red and Yellow Crowned Kakariki and South Island Kaka. We are trailing variations of these products to find the most efficient. These are now in use with our breeders and in our National Parks.

We are starting designing for South Island Saddleback, Morepork and Mohua over the next few weeks and months ahead.

What makes your idea new and unique?

Predator proof nest boxes are being designed for each species. We are creating products that do not currently exist as well as refining research and designs to be better than are currently in use.

Who will use your idea, and how will they benefit?

The Menzshed NZ can use our ideas to produce these nest boxes for use in all areas in New Zealand in conjunction with conservation volunteers and conservation groups around NZ.

Native bird numbers can be increased in accessible areas all around NZ for the benefit of NZ conservation and for the benefit of the NZ public.

What tasks or activities do you need investment for? How would you spend a $25,000 grant?

Create CAD designs to standardise these product ideas and share them publicly and share them around the various NZ Menzsheds.

To fund the Menzshed Waimea for labour and materials to create more of these predator proof bird nests and to create the new designs for additional species already identified.

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Christine Cleveland Oct 15, 2017

This is a brilliant idea! It's at the nesting stage that birds are particularly vulnerable. I hope your idea gets through.


Kathryn Marshall Oct 15, 2017

Thank you Christine Cleveland.


Jordan Munn Oct 15, 2017

Seems like a great idea to boost endangered populations.


Kathryn Marshall Oct 16, 2017

Hello Jordan Munn
This is something we can be doing immediately and have started
Thanks for your comment.