WWF's Conservation Innovation Awards

Gathering votes
Gathering votes

Ultimate Domestic growing machine

Device for growing plants indoors.

Ultimate complete solution - temperature, humidity, light, and even ventilation! All in one!

Allow to control temperature, humidity, air flow, and timing of the full spectrum LED lights.

LED modules use specific spectrum of the light that stimulates much faster growth and development of the plant.

What conservation problem are you trying to solve?

Consumption of electricity for inodor growth of any plants.For instance my device consume hundereds times less electricity than HPS lights with the same light intensity output (measured with light meter laboratory device).Reduce amount of factory farming!Decrease use of chemicals to fight pests and plant diseases 

How are you going to solve this conservation problem?

By implementing indoor growing technologyMy invention is more likey to have impact on factory farming and will reduce amount of damage done to the environment.

What makes your idea new and unique?

It provides complete solution! All essentials under control on one device.Latest marketing research shows that no one managed to provide complete solution yet.

Who will use your idea, and how will they benefit?

It is mostly designed for personal domestic use. It will definitely benefit anyone who decided to grow several plants in small controlled environment.It will benefit people who dont have back yard.Can grow during winter.Huge power consumption benefits. 

What tasks or activities do you need investment for? How would you spend a $25,000 grant?

Start mass manufacturing of my invention :)

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List five other ideas posted in the challenge that excite you. Why?

Lots of ideas listed here can work in conjuction with my invention. In fact some collaboration is already going on. For instance:

1) Hanging Gardens of New Zealand https://wwf-nz.crowdicity.com/post/428870

I got in touch with the developer of the idea -          Leigh Nicholson . She is also working on INDOOR hanging gardens. And that is where my idea is ideal for growing indoor hanging gardens.

2) Kiwi Trailblazers - https://wwf-nz.crowdicity.com/post/428898    Jennifer Mcguire

Looking forward to use that app! I go for bushwalks with my family and can we can definitely have more fun with that app.

3) Ur-bins  -  https://wwf-nz.crowdicity.com/post/429335     by          Hannah Smith

I like how origianl it is and how we can all benefit from it

4) D.I.Y SmartGarden - https://wwf-nz.crowdicity.com/post/429674  by Daniel Cutmore

There is huge possiblity to amalgamate our ideas. It will be awesome to make indoor grow fully automatic, and control it from mobile phone! Love it!

5) The Drone Ranger – an aerial wildlife tracking system  by  Chris Muller

It is very fascinating to be able to track all that wild life in real time

How could you improve your idea?

While waiting for votes, I was working really hard on improving my idea.

I installed additional microcomputer to get more accurate readings, increase precision, and reduced response time of the equipment (see attached picture).

Also started using more parts from recycled servers, such as high speed fans


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Pavel Plotinnov Oct 4, 2017

here is some results :)


Pavel Plotinnov Oct 4, 2017

That is strawberries I grew with my device


Felicity Findlay Oct 5, 2017

It looks awesome it would be great in my flat as I don't have a garden outside


Daniel Cutmore Oct 5, 2017

Awesome invention, could really see it working well in conjunction with my idea. You've earned my vote!


Pavel Plotinnov Oct 12, 2017

We so should all team up! SmartGarden +Hanging Gardens idea + Ultimate growing machine = total success


Daniel Cutmore Oct 12, 2017

Yeah there is some really cool potential there!


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Michele Frank Oct 12, 2017

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone


Pavel Plotinnov Oct 13, 2017

I am so happy! Thank you! I keep working very hard on improving my idea!