WWF's Conservation Innovation Awards

Gathering votes
Gathering votes
Gathering votes
"If you can see this idea really taking off, give it your vote. The idea needs to be, in your opinion, a viable solution to the stated problem. Is this a problem you have experienced? Can you see this solution working for you? Then give it your vote!"

Trap Monitor

My idea is a system that monitors the traps in short trap lines used on private properties. This would (hopefully) increase motivation for people to trap on their own properties and continue trapping once started. My invention will simply monitor each trap and notify the user when a trap has been triggered saving time checking emtpy traps. 

What conservation problem are you trying to solve?

I am trying to help the cause of total erradication of rats possums and stoats throughout New Zealand. With more people trapping in private areas, more pests will effectively be eliminated. 

How are you going to solve this conservation problem?

I am going to help solve this issue by making trapping less of a chore. With my system private trappers will be notified when traps have been triggered as opposed to ventering off to waste time checking empty traps. The user will also be able to attend to the trap sooner, as they will know when it was triggered. This way they don't have to clean out a trap that went off 3 weeks ago.  

What makes your idea new and unique?

My idea is unique because it allows anyone to trap with ease, cleaning up more areas rather than just those monitored in national parks for example. 

Who will use your idea, and how will they benefit?

People interesting in private trapping can use this potential product to monitor traps on their land and will benefit by saving time.

What tasks or activities do you need investment for? How would you spend a $25,000 grant?

With the grant I would want to develop this project from what it currently is into a commercial product that people could purchase to hopefully motivate more and more people to start trapping. 

At the moment the concept is proven and the modules work on a principle basis. Developments made would need to be extended battery life as well as actually turning it into a product rather than something devised in a classroom. 

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Michele Frank Oct 13, 2016

Hi Sam I am a innovation ambassador. we certainly need to be making trapping for efficient. You might be interested in connecting with other innovators undertaking similar work. Traperminder (www.microsystemsresearch.ch/products/trapminder.htm)was a 2014, also Celium (encounter solutions) another entry this year has developed an alert system for traps.

Reminder you will need to meet the challenge mileswork before 5pm today First up working your networks today to get 30 votes by 5pm


Christopher Wingate Oct 14, 2016

Dear fellow entrant.
I am hoping to get your support to vote for Dr Maggie Evans who only needs another 12 votes and needs them today. Her work is “critically important science” to help save critically endangered birds such as the Kakapo. Please take a look and lets all give her our support. We are all in this together. Cheers- https://wwf-nz.crowdicity.com/post/285779


Sam Rye Oct 14, 2016

Hi Sam, I like this idea as I've done some trapping in remote locations before. Knowing which ones had gone off would have been handy!

Do you have any thoughts on the other entrants that Michele mentioned below? What makes you different?

Also, interested in why you chose to look at deploying technology to monitor existing traps (presumably the likes of DOC200's?) rather than build on next-gen solutions like GoodNature Traps? http://www.goodnature.co.nz/