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Gathering votes
Gathering votes
Gathering votes
"If you can see this idea really taking off, give it your vote. The idea needs to be, in your opinion, a viable solution to the stated problem. Is this a problem you have experienced? Can you see this solution working for you? Then give it your vote!"


Building houses from extruded waste plastic

What conservation problem are you trying to solve?

The excess plastic easte in the world and at sea.

How are you going to solve this conservation problem?

Collect all the waste by means of community based collection stations.. plus sea waste collection.

What makes your idea new and unique?

Has not been done before .. 

Who will use your idea, and how will they benefit?

Communities. .by means of wasye collection plus world wide eliminating housing problems plus eliminating waste problems .

What tasks or activities do you need investment for? How would you spend a $25,000 grant?

Development.. awareness.. start up capital for machinery and collection plus advertising..

Are you a New Zealand citizen or resident?


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edited on Sep 27, 2016 by Michelle Eggleton

Becky Wilson Sep 26, 2016

Status changed to NOT ELIGIBLE
Not eligible for an award, as not New Zealand citizen or resident.


Becky Wilson Sep 26, 2016

This is a great idea and worth talking about.

To be eligible for an award the idea submitter must be a resident or citizen of New Zealand and if an application is submitted on behalf of a group or entity, that group or entity must be either registered in New Zealand or carrying out business in New Zealand. As the Dollhouse Construction Company doesn't meet these criteria we can't approve this idea for final judging.

The Conservation Innovation Hub is all about generating new ideas, so it's good to keep this one in the conversation to inspire people even if they can't win an award.

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