WWF's Conservation Innovation Awards

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What are the Conservation Innovation Awards?

  • The Conservation Innovation Awards are WWF-New Zealand's challenge for conservationists, community groups, product designers, researchers, backyard inventors and others to come up with innovative ways to increase the scale and effectiveness of conservation in New Zealand.
  • Three prize packages of $25,000 each will be awarded to the three top entries and winners will also receive support with publicity through WWF-New Zealand's channels.
  • The awards are open for applications through the online ideas sharing platform Crowdicity, from 25 September to 15 October 2017.
  • Applicants must submit their idea into the Crowdicity platform.
  • Other online users can see, comment and vote on ideas submitted - it's innovation in action!
  • Users do not have to submit an idea to be part of this collaborative "community" – users can take part by simply contributing knowledge, comments and voting to help determine the best solutions to conservation problems.
  • Applicants must pass through milestones to be eligible for the final judging.
  • A panel of independent experts will judge the final winners off-line, based on the quality of the idea against the awards criteria, and the feedback and votes from the online community.
  • The winners will be announced on 22 November, 2017.


How to make an application

  • From Monday 25 September, register via the online ideas sharing platform Crowdicity. Then submit an idea under the SHARE YOUR IDEA page.
  • Complete all sections of the form on the SHARE YOUR IDEA page, within the specified character limits.
  • Upload additional relevant files; images, documents or links to further communicate your idea (optional).
  • Submit your ideas. 
  • You can submit more than one different idea.
  • You must complete the milestones, at any time over the specified challenge period (25 September to 15 October 2017) to be eligible for the final judging.


Who can apply? 

  • Entry to the Awards is open to any person or entity, or group of people or entities, who are resident, or carrying on business, or operating in New Zealand. You do not need to be a legal entity (a trust or an unincorporated society is fine) or a registered charity. You can be a commercial organisation.
  • For research based applications only: You must be a student or employee of a New Zealand university, crown research institute or other New Zealand research organisation.


What are the criteria?

  • Applications must relate to an idea aimed at increasing the scale and/or effectiveness of conservation in New Zealand, and must have the potential to be replicated.
  • Ideas can be at any stage of their development from concept to completion.
  • Your idea must be innovative. This means that your idea must be
  1. Novel – a new idea or a new development to an existing idea
  2. Replicable – an idea that can be replicated in other areas/regions in New Zealand
  3. Enduring – an idea that has longevity and can be beneficial beyond the short term


     Category criteria

     Engaging young people and communities

  • This category is for ideas  that will increase the scale and effectiveness of community engagement in conservation
  • Particularly innovations in the areas of environmental education and engagement efforts for on-the-ground community conservation
  • Ideas can include
    • The development of new tools for engaging and educating communities or specific audiences in conservation
    •  New ways of approaching common community engagement techniques.

     Predator Free New Zealand 2050

  • This category is for ideas relating to eradication of mammalian predators in New Zealand (with a focus on possums, rats and stoats).
  • Ideas could relate, for example, to the development of new predator control methods (e.g. new technologies, etc.) or new innovations for scaling, reducing the costs or increasing the efficiency of existing techniques.

      Open Category

  • All environmental solutions welcome here, as a long as they align with the main Awards criteria


What must applications include?

  • A short summary description of ideas should be entered into the SHARE YOUR IDEA page on the Crowdicity platform. Character limits apply.
  • The application should include the following:

 The idea

  • Give your brilliant idea a catchy title
  • What is your new idea for nature?
  • What New Zealand conservation problem are you trying to solve?
  • What makes your idea new and unique?

 Its application

  • Who will use your idea, and how will it make conservation action more efficient or effective?

 The development needed

  • What tasks or activities do you need investment for? How would you spend a $25,000 grant over one year?

You may upload and attached additional files, such as photographs, documents, or links to your entry if you wish. It is useful for the judges to get a good understanding of your idea to include a short video clip of you showing or describing your idea.


What happens after I submit an idea?

  • Ideas may be moderated (checked) by WWF before going live.
  • Once approved by the moderator, ideas are visible to all other users of the WWF-New Zealand Crowdicity Community; ideas can be viewed, commented on and voted on by the community.Only the moderator can edit or change information already posted. You may be asked to add information to your idea post as part of a milestone. You will have access to new form fields to do this.
  • Over the 3 week “challenge” period (25 September – 15 October 2017) you will be asked to pass milestones which may include achieving endorsement for your idea (votes) from the community, answering additional questions, or adding information about your idea.
  • You must complete all milestones to be eligible for final judging.
  • Final judging will be by our expert judging panel, off-line, after the challenge period ends (after 15 October 2017). See judges profiles here
  • The winner for each category will be contacted by phone or email after 28 October 2017.
  • WWF-New Zealand will enter into funding agreements with each winner, which will include reporting against outcomes over a specific time period, usually 1 year.
  • Winners will be publicly announced via WWF-New Zealand communications channels, and at an event in Wellington on 22 November 2017.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email after 22 November 2017, and may be provided with feedback from the judging panel.


Prize Package

Each of the three winners will receive:

  • a NZ$25,000 development grant
  • support for national and international publicity through WWF channels
  • Winners are eligible for return airfares and one night's accommodation for one representative to attend the Awards event in Wellington on 22 November 2017, up to the value of $400. 


Intellectual property (summary)

  • To the extent that you or your organisation owns any intellectual property rights in the idea included in your application, those rights will remain the property of you or your organisation.
  • You must ensure you are or your organisation is the owner or licensee of all intellectual property relevant to your application and that the submission and assessment of your application will not breach any right or interest of any third party.
  • As a user who contributes or comments on any other submitter’s idea, you waive any claim to the intellectual property rights in that idea.

See Conservation Innovation Awards 2017 Supplemental Terms and Conditions for full definitions of your Intellectual Property Rights.


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