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The Conservation Innovation Awards are tonight!

Posted by Louisa McKerrow (Admin) Nov 22, 2017 Posted in Blogs

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – the Conservation Innovation Awards are taking place tonight!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted big, bold ideas to change the game for New Zealand’s nature. We received a record number of 47 entries this year, and choosing the winners was very challenging. Check out this highlights reel featuring all the 2017 entries.

Winners will be announced at the award ceremony tonight. We can’t wait! You can join in the fun on Twitter and Facebook – we’ll even be live-streaming some of the action, so no-one has to miss out.

In the meantime, check out this amazing video featuring 2016 award winners talking about how their innovations have been taken to the next level. It leaves only one question – what’s next for 2017?

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates, and we will be getting in touch soon with more information about the winners.

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