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Hurry up folks– 4 days to go!

Posted by Louisa McKerrow (Admin) Oct 11, 2017 Posted in Blogs

We’ve been so impressed by the quality and variety of the ideas that are being submitted.

You can get involved and help choose which ones pass to the next level and be eligible to win $25k! Check out some of the ideas that still need your votes to pass to the next level.

Te Wānanga Papa Taiao Pāuaua / Earthcare Enterprise Academies

Squawk Squad

The KOTAHI project

HIHI FEEDERS - "Capture, Identify, Advocate: ...from the Brink"


Ultimate Domestic growing machine


Check out all the bright ideas for conservation here.

We need your feedback to help find and refine the next game-changers for the environment.

What do you think of these ideas?

Compost and catch, spreading the predator free movement

Collaborative high tech solutions to make pre... more efficient

Restoration Drone for Polluted Waterways

The Drone Ranger – an aerial wildlife tracking system

Anywhere, anytime DNA diagnostics for conservation



Are they really new and unique, do you know of anyone working on something similar, how could they refine their ideas to increase the impact? Are they real game-changers for the environment?

Get voting, and share your opinions, comments and suggestions.

If you’ve got a bright idea - there are just 4 days left to enter the Conservation Innovation Awards! So get your ideas up - your entry needs time to gain feedback and pass the milestones (by midnight, Sunday 15 Ocotber) to be eligible.

Ideas pass milestones by winning enough votes and feedback from the Conservation Innovation community to refine ideas. They can then pass to the next stage and be considered by our judges. Not sure how milestones work? Read all about it here on our How to Meet Milestones blog.

Nga mihi, Louisa

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