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Inspiring Kiwi innovators from Gisborne and beyond

Posted by Louisa McKerrow (Admin) Oct 11, 2017 Posted in News

In 2015, the Tolaga Bay-based Uawanui Project was a Conservation Innovation Awards winner, for integrating conservation efforts with economic, social and cultural development and education. Their inspiring idea was He Manawa Whenua - He Oranga Tangata : Health... Healthy People.

The project has developed in partnership with the Tolaga Bay Area School, a broad scale sustainability plan for sustainable land management and restoration of the Uawa River Catchment and coast. The $25,000 WWF Awards grant helped the project develop training, capacity building and communication around the wider Uawanui Project.

Chair of the Uawanui Governance Group, Victor Walker, said winning the 2015 award was “fantastic as it provided an opportunity to raise the profile of the project and provided further credibility, recognition and support around the wider vision of what the community is working on”.

Check out this great article in the Gisborne Herald (October 3, 2017).

Now we’re on the look out for 2017 game-changing projects for one of three awards with $25,000 in funding.

We are really keen to hear about any ideas, new technologies or innovative projects that tackle conservation obstacles, like climate, weeds, environmental education, invasive pests, improving water quality and saving native species.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories:

  • engaging young people and communities;
  • Predator Free New Zealand 2050;
  • an open category.

So get your entries in quick to pass the voting milestones by midnight, Sunday 15 October!

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