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How to Meet Milestones: for Entrants and Supporters

Posted by Louisa McKerrow (Admin) Oct 3, 2017 Posted in Blogs

We're excited to have so many great ideas submitted in the 2017 Conservation Innovation Awards CIA!

As of today, 17 entries have been logged from across the country, including Dunedin, Nelson, Auckland, Raglan, Kerikeri, Hamilton, Martinborough, Wellington and Waikanae. And we are welcoming many more entries.

Each idea entered now has to pass milestones before midnight Sunday October 15 to be eligible for final judging by our expert panel. As part of the milestones, ideas need to win 30 votes from the Conservation Innovation Community 

We don't want a great idea to get missed because not enough people saw it and voted for it!

So folks, we encourage everyone in the WWF Conservation Innovation community to join in by commenting and voting on these ideas. We want to tap into your knowledge of community conservation and hear what YOU think will work as the next bright new ideas for nature!

And yes, it’s completely achievable to attract 30 votes. Recommended read is from 2015 entrant Paul Stanley Ward - How to win votes and influence conservation innovation who said “if we are a community project that couldn’t rustle 30 votes, then it’s not a great starting point for consideration is it?”

About Milestones
The Awards has 4 milestones that ideas must pass:
• submitted
• support
• originality
• refine

An idea needs 30 votes to pass the support and originality milestones.

To pass milestone 4 (refine), idea authors are asked: "You have great support for your idea already – people think it is viable and original. Have you received any comments or seen any other ideas here that have made you think differently about your idea? What could you improve? Who could you collaborate with?"

How to get ideas through to the judging panel
For entrants
1. Read the Application Guidelines to make sure your idea fits with the purpose and criteria of the awards.

2. The judges will be assessing each idea based solely on: 
- information submitted online to the Conservation Innovation Awards 
- comments on your idea in the Conservation Innovation Hub.

3. Make sure your submission is clear and focused:
- be specific in naming the issue you want to solve
- and how your idea will benefit front-line community conservation.

4. To generate support and pass the voting milestones for your Conservation Innovation Awards idea - a great way to do this is by using social media.
You can do this with the social media Share function on your entry page, adding the recommended #tag and tagging WWF-New Zealand.
Our recommended #tag is #ConservationInnovation
If you Tweet about your entry, please tag @WWFNewZealand
If you Facebook post about your entry, please tag @wwfnewzealand
(WWF-New Zealand is re-sharing/re-Tweeting posts throughout the Awards)
For more details: Making social media work for your #ConservationInnovation idea

For Community

1. Click here to find out How to comment and vote on ideas

2. Check out ideas

3. If you can see an idea really taking off, give it your vote. The idea needs to be, in your opinion, a viable solution to the stated problem. Is this a problem you have experienced? Can you see this solution working for you? Then give it your vote!

4. Is this idea taking a new approach? Have you seen this somewhere before - or is there a similar idea in this challenge? Use the comments function to find out if the idea authors have done their homework! If you think the idea is truly original – give it your vote!

Let’s support the 2017 game-changers for innovation!


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