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PledgeMe campaign launched to support development of RiverWatch Water Sensor

Posted by Louisa McKerrow (Admin) Aug 16, 2017 Posted in News

The NZ RiverWatch invention is inspiring interest from regional councils, farmers and researchers as a game changer for freshwater monitoring.

The team at Water Action Initiative New Zealand (WAI NZ) is now seeking support via PledgeMe campaign to get the RiverWatch Water Sensor into production so that all Kiwis can find out what's really going on in their waterways. To support this campaign, please visit here. Any pledge you're able to make brings this innovation one step closer to saving New Zealand's freshwater.

A 2016 WWF Conservation Innovation Awards winner, the RiverWatch Water Sensor has been developed by WAI NZ in collaboration with students from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Read more in yesterday's Newsroom NZ article - Farmer: Govt unwilling to show state of NZ water.

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