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Improve your chances with the judges!

Posted by Becky Wilson (Admin) Oct 6, 2016

We're excited to have so many awesome ideas submitted in the Conservation Innovation Awards!

WWF's Conservation Innovation Hub is a great place for your idea to get seen and talked about.

For the best chance of winning an award remember to make your idea relevant to this particular challenge - the WWF Conservation Innovation Awards.


The main purpose of the Conservation Innovation Awards is to increase the scale and effectiveness of community-based conservation in New Zealand.


Read the Application Guidelines to make sure your idea fits with the purpose and criteria of the awards.


The judges will be assessing each idea based solely on 

  • comments on your idea in the Conservation Innovation Hub.

Make sure your submission is clear and focused

  • be specific in naming the issue you want to solve
  • and how your idea will benefit front-line community conservation.


Remember you can upload files if you want to add extra information to support your idea. We encourage you to upload or link to a short video clip to better clarify and sell your idea to the judges. 

To refine your idea and upload extra information go into your idea on the Conservation Innovation Hub and click on the Edit tab above it.


screenshot - edit post




Good luck!

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