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Help us change the game for New Zealand nature

Posted by Becky Wilson (Admin) Sep 30, 2016 Posted in FAQs

Thank you for being part of the WWF Conservation Innovation Community.

Our third annual Conservation Innovation Awards are well underway with eleven great ideas submitted in the first week.

The Conservation Innovation Awards are WWF-New Zealand's challenge for conservationists, community groups, product designers, researchers, backyard inventors and others to come up with innovative ways to increase the scale and effectiveness of community-based conservation in New Zealand.

We need your help to cultivate new ideas to lift the game for our precious places and wildlife.

It’s great that people are submitting interesting ideas and we want to use the power of the crowd to help determine which ones will fly – That means YOU!

It’s not just the awards entrants we want participating in this challenge we need YOU to join in by commenting and voting on the ideas. We want to tap into your knowledge of community conservation and hear what YOU think will work as the next new idea for nature!

To do this we’ve created milestones that each idea has to pass before it is eligible for final judging by our expert panel. To pass the milestones ideas need to win votes from the Conservation Innovation Community - that means YOU - and entrants have to think about how they could refine their idea based on YOUR feedback.

milestones screen shot

Do any of the ideas tackle problems you have experienced? Can you see the solutions working for you? Then give it your vote!

Have you noticed similarities between any ideas in this challenge or know of any similar ideas elsewhere? Use the comments function to find out if the idea authors have done their homework! If you think the idea is truly original - give it your vote!

For the final milestone entrants are asked to improve their idea based on feedback from the community, and through scoping other ideas – please contribute your knowledge and experience to help them see how their idea could work and who they might be able to collaborate with – get commenting now!

Please comment and vote on the entries in the WWF Conservation Innovation Awards 2016 to help us find solutions that can really work.


How to comment and vote on ideas

Go to the Conservation Innovation Awards 2016 page on our crowdsourcing website wwf-nz.crowdicity.com.

Scroll down to view all the submitted ideas.

Click on the idea you are interested in to display the full brief for that idea.

To vote for the idea click on the thumbs up button on the right hand side of the screen. You can vote once for each new idea.

 voting screen shot

To comment on the idea scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your feedback in the comments box, then click on the “post” button.

commenting screen shot

You can attach files with your comment if they are relevant, for instance an image or review of a similar idea. Just click on the “Attach files” button to access your files (100MB size limit on attachments).

Thank you for helping us change the game for New Zealand nature.

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