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Win $25,000 to make your new idea for nature a reality

Posted by Becky Wilson (Admin) Sep 26, 2016 Posted in Blogs

Do you have an idea that could be a game changer for New Zealand's voluntary conservation army, and our precious wildlife?

Would you like $25,000 to take you to the next level and get your brilliant idea out into the world?

If you want to be the next great kiwi innovator get your ideas ready now …. the WWF 2016 Conservation Innovation Awards are NOW OPEN!

Detected a great idea for nature meme

WWF is rewarding fresh ideas that will help front-line conservation volunteers to protect New Zealand’s special places and wildlife.The third annual Conservation Innovation Awards will be open for entries from 26 September to 14 October 2016.

We want to hear about any gadgets, tools or innovative projects that you’ve developed to make tackling conservation obstacles, like eradicating invasive pests and saving native species, a little easier.

Last year’s winners were a wasp-killing bait, an iwi-led restoration project and a new-generation lizard monitoring system. 

Be inspired by the success stories of previous winners on the WWF New Zealand website.

“The WWF Conservation Innovation Awards has allowed me to buy the hardware I needed to develop Trap Minder. Without it, I would still be pitching it, not developing it.” 2014 winner Gian Badraun.

We’ve created a crowdsourcing website that allows people to get feedback and refine their ideas over a three-week period. So if you have an idea, enter today to take advantage of the power of the crowd and see what the future of conservation might look like!

If you are involved in community conservation in New Zealand, we want to hear from you too. As well as new ideas we want to generate conversation and feedback from the people on the front-line of conservation. Please visit our online Conservation Innovation Hub and let us know how the innovative ideas submitted could help your project.

"The Conservation Innovation Awards are a great way of sharing ideas for conservation around New Zealand and building a community of conservation innovators." 2014 runner up Rachel Fewster, Auckland University

Please share this message with your networks and print out a poster for your workplace. We want to get everyone talking about conservation innovation!


Any queries message Community Conservation Coordinator, Becky Wilson, through the Conservation Innovation Hub or email at rwilson@wwf.org.nz

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