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All about milestones

Posted by Lee Barry Sep 8, 2015

Our Conservation Innovation Awards here on Crowdicity are a little different to other competitions - not only can everyone see your entry, but there are a few hurdles to pass after you enter, but before your entry is eligible for final judging.

These are called 'milestones'. Its a common term - you've heard it before. It means a significant stage or event in the development of something.

Our challenge has four milestones that ideas must pass:

  • submitted
  • support
  • originality
  • refine


Two milestones are determined by gaining a certain amount of votes from other users and one requires idea authors to answer some extra questions. We may add more milestones as the challenge progresses.

Gaining votes is a way of the community confirming  that the idea meets certain standards - its not a popularity contest; that's why the votes are capped at a low number. These milestones tap into the knowledge of the community. We want to hear what you think will work as the next new idea for nature!

Above every idea post you'll see this line of green, red and grey dots. This shows where the idea is on the milestone journey:

The box of text underneath tells the user who is viewing the idea (or idea author if it is their own post) what standard the idea should meet to pass that milestone. For example, users will see the box above for  Milestone 2 'Support'.

Users are asked to consider "if you can see this ideas really taking off, give it your vote". It also suggests users consider if the idea solves a conservation problem they have experienced before. It asks users to apply their knowledge and check if the idea meets the criteria. 

For idea authors they will see a different message in the box. Their message reads : "This is a brave step!... Finding out if others think your idea could work. Just 10 votes from the community are needed to verify that your idea could take off."

By mousing over any milestone icon, you can see a summary of what the milestone requires:


Here are the criteria for all the milestones currently set up:

Milestone 1: Submission

- Creat an idea, and hit submit

- Posted ideas automatically meet this milestone!

Milestone 2: Support -  Will this idea fly? Is this a common conservation problem with a workable solution? 10 votes from the community are needed to achieve this Milestone

- Users are asked: "If you can see this idea really taking off, give it your vote. The idea needs to be, in your opinion, a viable solution to the stated problem. Is this a problem you have experienced? Can you see this solution working for you? Then give it your vote!"

- Once ten votes are gained, the idea meets this milestone

Milestone 3: Originality  - Is this idea new, unique or a clever twist on an existing idea? 20 additional votes are needed to pass this Milestone

- Users are asked: "Is this idea taking a new approach? Have you seen this somewhere before -  or is there a similar idea in this challenge? Use the comments function to find out if the idea authors have done their homework! If you think the idea is truly original - give it your vote!"

- Once the idea gains an additional 20 votes, it meets this milestone

Milestone 4: Refine - Idea submitters are asked to improve their idea based on feedback from the community, and through scoping other ideas

 - Idea authors are asked: "You have great support for your idea already - people think it is viable and original. Have you received any comments or seen any other ideas here that have made you think differently about your idea? What could you improve? Who could you collaborate with?"

- Once idea authors have answered these two additional questions, by filling out new form fields which are displayed in their updated post, their idea will pass this milestone

- This is not a 'vote' milestone, it requires the idea authors to take stock of what they learned from the community's feedback and consider if they can do better.


THIS is crowdsourcing!


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Neil Foster says... Oct 14, 2017

I trap a wetland 30k's from Gisborne. Spotless Crake, Bittern and Dabchick are among the residents.

I found that as the number of Rats, Stoats etc was lowered Cats potentially could have made a toll on the birds as their food source had diminished considerably.

I have also learned the Cat behaviour is learned and this compounded the problem.

I used various Cat traps but had little success for various reasons I believe.

Therefore after six months of developement  this design has emerged and I have had great success with it.

My trap is light weigh being made from Aluminium ,durable ,strong, easy and safe to operate.

I realised many women and young people have taken up the challenge of predator control and this unit was also made with them in mind.

Also the Kill trap is humane, killing almost instantly.

I hope to get this trap on the market soon as we need everything at our disposal to curb the decline of our wildlife.. Neil Foster

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