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Posted by Lee Barry Sep 4, 2015 Posted in FAQs

Do you have a question about the awards, or how to use this platform?

You won't be the only one!

This is the first time a "Crowdicity" ideas sharing platform has been used in New Zealand - and the first time WWF-New Zealand has run the awards in an online collaborative community - so we are learning as we go!

Bear with us while we experiement with this novel approach - we are not experts but we are here to help make your experience a great one. 

Read our Application Guide first. You can also use the HELP icon top right of every screen. Still have a question? Find some answers in the following posts. Or contact awards co-ordinator Lee Barry.


Our intention is to harness the power of the crowd to contribute to, comment on, share and improve new ideas to solve conservation challenges ... with a bit of healthy competition and a nice big reward thrown in.

The users of this community will make new connections, discover shared interests - perhaps even meet a potential collaborator.

At the same time, a bunch of crazy and great ideas will be peer reviewed by the collective knowledge of this online community. The community will judge if an idea has legs, if it is well scoped and truly original. The cream of the crop will make it through the Milestones for the judges to assess. But the entire pool of entries will be a resource for the conservation community to build on.

We hope you enjoy this challenge!

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